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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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My cat is terrified of Celine Dion... LMAO.

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...that is priceless.

I know! She was in my room (the cat, not Celine) and suddenly this Celine Dion song started playing on the WMP (I don't know where it came from... I swear :shifty eyes:) and she jumped and started running out of my room.

Now I have the perfect remedy for when she's being too pesky. :p

HAHAHA. Well, your cat obviously is one for good taste.

They say animals resemble their owners. ;)


I'm terrified of Celine Dion. Almost as much as Mariah Carey.

Thanks for uploading Mad About You ♥

Mariah is creepy.

Anything for you, Teary. xoxox

When did your cat tell you that? Was it just out of the blue, or were the two of you discussing music? ;)

She was driving the car at the moment and we were chatting. ;)

Your cat and I have something in common. I'm glad you don't use CD to ship Brian and Justin. *shudder*

LOL! No, I would never do that.

(Deleted comment)
Just audio. I'm scared a visual could KILL her.

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