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What's wrong with a little destruction?

Fic rec
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Beautiful Kradam AU where Adam is an angel, and Kris is stubborn and cute, and they're both pretty much failboats.

Wind Up the Sun and Moon

"No offense, Kristopher, but you're standing in the rain with a cigarette you don't even smoke to avoid the gorgeous girl inside who wants in your pants so bad that ten minutes later, she's still waiting for you to come back from the bathroom. Plus, I don't know who dressed you tonight, but that jacket is cut all wrong for you, and those shoes are hideous. The things you have suck."

If you gave me just a coin for every time we say good bye...
bugs life: no salt!
Just did a pretty massive friends cut. If I deleted you, it's because my interests have changed, and we probably never connected on a more personal level, or you haven't posted in a while, or you never comment when I post. No hard feelings. Maybe our paths will cross again in another fandom. :)

If I kept you and you are right now asking yourself "who is this person?", feel free to delete me. I promise I won't get mad.

Fic Rec
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The City That Never Sleeps by lemonade_lady
A perfect read for Christmas. It's an AU where Kris runs off to NY and meets Adam there. This is one of those cute little stories that just make you feel warm and happy all over. It's pretty short, so I'd say give it a try even if Kradam is not your thing.

Slip right into your stripper shoes.
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I made like, 1,200 screencaps from Adam's For Your Entertainment video. Then I narrowed them down to a few hundred, then I narrowed them down to these...

Tune in, turn on, drop out.Collapse )

I also couldn't resist making this.

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Oh my goodness, my profile looks so pretty! Thanks so much for the snowflake cookies and the fancy cocoa, equusentric, lennongirl & on_the_ground! And thank you too, wonderful anonymous people. ♥

ABC sucks
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They're being such vindictive bitches.

I blame them. How is he being allowed to perform in other networks if it's the FCC?

There's no way to ring the alarm so hold on until it's over
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Is this real life?

The fact that there's an openly gay man singing those lyrics on a mainstream radio station makes me so damn happy. IDEK. The song isn't even my style, but WTF. It's ADAM.

LyricsCollapse )

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
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Ok, so aurora_84 gave me the following people to kiss, kill, fuck & marry: Adam Lambert, Gale Harold, Kris Allen & Gabe Saporta

Care to find out?Collapse )

Comment if you want to play.

Why Kris Allen is kick-awesome, reason #12,536
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ICU Kris, secretly singing to Adam. ;)

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OMG I love these boys so fucking much! All tinhatting aside, they have one of the most epic friendships I've ever seen, and their chemistry is off the charts. As an example, this video from today, of them bantering and finishing each other's sentences, and just being generally precious.

Some highlights:

Interviewer Dude: Okay, Adam, here's another one for you. This one is from Emily, and she put a little cloud around your name.
Kris: And hearts, too.
ID: We're gonna give you this to keep.
Kris: Actually, can I have it?
Adam: Yeah, Kris wants it.

ID:How long does it take you to do your hair and do you do it yourself?
Adam: [Flips hair] Well, um. Yeah, uh, I do do it myself. I dunno, it takes a couple minutes.
Kris: Depends on the 'do, right?
Adam: It depends on the 'do, yeah.
K: If he's got the thing going... (moves his hand over his head, suggesting a pompadour)
A: The pompadour is a lot more involved.
K: That takes a while.
A: Blow dryers and back combing.
K: He needs help with that.
A: Kris actually... we were roommates, and he would help me...
K: I've DONE.
A: I introduced him to a whole new world of PRODUCT.
K: Some things I'd never seen before. I was like in the back while he wasn't there trying to, like "what does this do? Oh, it turns your hair blue."

But yeah, watch the whole thing, including the duet at the end. Hearts in my fucking eyes.

On a sad note, they probably won't see each other in a while after today, what with the tour being over and each of them working on finishing and promoting their solo albums. :( But I'm sure they'll text, and HOPEFULLY tweet at each other.

Not cutting this cause I haven't posted in a while, so that entitles me to some extra space, methinks. That makes sense in my mind, so just deal.


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