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What's wrong with a little destruction?

Caribbean Amphibian
"Sometimes she's so cheerful in the morning you just want to shove your grapefruit in her face. Hard. As hard as she can stand it."

"Good kitty, nice kitty... KITTY DIED FIVE YEARS AGO!!! GOES IN THE POT!"


Layout by mondaydusk

Banner pic by Irene Suchocki

Icons, banners and wallpapers resources (mostly found through 100x100_brushes):

ch4ron (DA), icon_goddess, 9thaquilo, zenni, contrariwise, yume_odori, fleur_d_elise, pinxess, phlourish_icons, butnotquite, Stargazer Designs,creamuts, undersea_design, ps_neke, david_lucena, skratchthat, offbeat_upbeat, probot, cielo_icons, , kiho_chan, ennife, vol4itca, by_rights2fly, misarte, coy_dreamer, blackmoths, electrical_s, bambinainnero