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Just Like A Bay Leaf
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alexander/hephaistion, amar en tiempos revueltos, angst, anne of green gables, arthurian legend, astronomy, betty la fea, candy candy, chandler bing, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, coldplay, cooking, dead poets society, digital imagery, dreams, edward scissorhands, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fan fiction, fanfiction, freshly baked bread, frou frou, gary oldman, gattaca, ghirardelli, harry potter, heart, historical fiction, imaginary boyfriends, imogen heap, ireland, isabel allende, jane austen, japanese gardens, jon stewart, kissing, living in my jammies, lord of the rings, mecano, miguel bosé, mind-numbing sexual tension, miniatures, mr. darcy, musicals, nice people, northern lights, nutella, orion, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, procrastination, project runway, quills, roman holiday, romance, sea dragons, singing, sirius black, slash, stained glass, stephen colbert, the beatles, the cardigans, the colbert report, the cranberries, the daily show, the far side, the killers, the muppets, the police, the smashing pumpkins, tiffany lamps, time lapse, top chef, u2, weekends
"Sometimes she's so cheerful in the morning you just want to shove your grapefruit in her face. Hard. As hard as she can stand it."

"Good kitty, nice kitty... KITTY DIED FIVE YEARS AGO!!! GOES IN THE POT!"


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