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What's wrong with a little destruction?

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My temperature is running high...
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He's so adorable when he looks all normal. Well, as normal as you can look when you're THAT handsome.

(click on the thumbs for bigger versions)

That smile on the 1st one... *DEAD*

Even when he needs to wash his hair... hee.

I really should be working on a certain something... O_O

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*slurp* Good enough to eat...YUM.

I know. And I'm on a diet... :sigh:

it really ought to be against the law to be that gorgeous...both of them. i stumbled upon your journal through my f-list...mind if i friend you? i've seen some pretty great stuff i wouldn't want to miss out on!!!

Aw! :) Friend away! I'll friend you right back.

Gorgeous Junie, do you know where the second one came from?

And I cannot believe you're listening to Gary Glitter!?!?!?!?!

I have no idea, I'm sorry... I save every pic og his I can find but they're all disorganized in a folder on my computer. I think most of those are from when Gale was working on Uncle Bob.

And I cannot believe you're listening to Gary Glitter!?!?!?!?!

LOL, I think it's the only Gary Glitter song I've ever heard and I love it. The music from Velvet Goldmine rules my world!

Ooo Pretty! *is captivated*

God, it should be illegal for a man to be that hot. Also, you're right, his SMILE.

Also, you're right, his SMILE.

I'm almost convinced I could get pregnant from just seeing him smile like that. LOL *is crazy*

Junie, I'm on a mission from God (also known as Plum) I would like to know where and when those pics of Gale were taken. Do you know? Thanks

God (also known as Plum)

I knew it! No one can write like that without some pretty big super powers.

I'm not sure. I think I remember having read that they were taken around the time when he was working on Uncle Bob.

Clearly Gale wants a motorcycle. He's so cute!!! :D He looks oily in the pictures...hmmm.

Randy, Oh Randy! <3

Clearly Gale wants a motorcycle.

Aww! In the meantime he can come and ride me.

Randy, Oh Randy!

He's so gorgeous... Snotty, but gorgeous,

Junie love, please send 1 of the yummy man#1 and oh yeah, I'll take 1 of yummy boy#2 too teeheeheehee AND, please send overnight express por favor. I'll pay for shipping & handling of course BWAHAHAHAHAHA


The order may take a while as I'm still not done having my way with both of them preparing the package. And the merchandise will be slightly used... But thanks for you patronage!

(Deleted comment)
I don't mind at all. *friends back*

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